October 22, 2014

October 22 Comic

October 17, 2014

What people are saying about new ebola czar Ron Klain...

Rush Limbaugh: The appointment of Ron Klain proves liberalism does not work.
Sean Hannity: Whatever Rush said about Ron Klain, but in different words.
Rachel Maddow: You won't believe what Republicans are saying about Ron Klain.
CNN: Does Ron Klain already have ebola, and when will you catch it from him?
NBC Nightly News: For a report on Ron Klain, let's go live to Richard Engle from the most dangerous place on earth. 
WMCTV Action News 5: Has Ron Klain ever been to Memphis, and if so, where does he eat barbecue?
NPR: For your pledge of just 10 bucks a month, we'll send you a coffee mug signed by Ron Klain.
MTV: Is Ron Klain a new artist and is his new release entitled Ebola?
E Online: Who makes Ron Klain's suits and what kind of car do they drive?
Food Network: What are the top 10 diners near Ron Klain's office?
ESPN: Who does Ron Klain think will win the World Series?
Drake and Zeke: We got your Ebola czar right here.
Crazy Memphis guy driving Honda Accord covered anti-Obama placards: If you need me, I'll be in my ebola bunker.
Germantown mom in Starbuck's drive thru wearing leggings as pants and a North Face fleece vest: How much money does Ron Klain earn?
Facebook: Your racist cousin is not friends with Ron Klain, but they did "like" Ebola.
Twitter: B-list comedian apologizes for drunken tweets about Ron Klain and Ebola.